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Visual Communicator, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Character Designer.
I like animation, comics, lettering and chocolate.

You can also find me here:
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3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for people you tag 
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Here are ten facts about myself--I can't believe I'm doing this...

1) I like to sleep
2) I like to eat
3) I don't remember highschool as the greatest time of my life... Filthy liers
4) I graduated from college last year
5) I love videogames, I'm playing Sonic games again!
6) Winter is my favorite season (tho it never snows where I live)
7) I love chocolate
8) I don't know how to drive, yet
9) I like animals more than people
10) I never excercise... That's bad

:icontender1kenobi:'s questions:

1) What was your favourite childhood tv show or movie?
2) Have you ever dreamed of driving a car?
3) Who is your favourite Let's Player on YouTube?
4) What is your favourite video game?
5) Have you even been abroad?
6) What is your favourite colour?
7) Did you own a Sega Genesis?
8) Do you watch Doctor Who, if so what is your favourite episode?
9) If you played any Five Nights at Freddy's game, what was the worst jumpscare you had?
10) What is your favourite horror/comedy horror movie?

Answers are:
1) TV show: The Powerpuff Girls. Movie: The Lion King.
2) I never dreamed of it, but I really want to drive.
3) Game Grumps. I also love JonTron and Cr1tikal.
4) Kingdom Hearts 2. Re: Chain of Memories is a close second.
5) Yes, the US , Canada, Uruguay and Brazil (we also took a cruise in the Caribbean, but I can't remember the islands we visited).
6) Violet.
7) Yeeeess!! Oh those were good times!!
8) I haven't watched it in a while, but my favorite episode is "Vincent and the Doctor".
9) I haven't played them. But I like Foxxy's moments more.
10) Horror movie: probably The Orphanage, and The Exorcist... Alien is awesome, too. Comedy horror movie: Scary Movie 3.

My questions (let's ask something interesting):

1) Quick! Favorite band/musician?
2) Favorite artist? Anyone!
3) If you could have ANY fictional character as a roommate, who would it be, and why?
4) If you could have ANY historical character as a roommate, who would it be, and why?
5) What's your favorite food?
6) They're evacuating the city, and you can only take ONE book with you, which book do you choose and why?
7) Me, you, and some hot-coco... What's the first question you would like to ask me?
8) After the hot-coco, we watch a movie, and I let you choose... Which movie would you like to watch with me?
9) If you could become ANY mythological character for one day, who would it be, and why?
10) If mythological creatures were real, which one would you choose as your new pet?

People I am tagging (I'm sorry):


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On the Way to Independence by LinaPrime
On the Way to Independence
It's the May Revolution here at my country!
So I made a little girl wearing a gaucho attire, while riding on the back of an Argentine Mastiff... Because, why not?

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SU - Gemsona - Tanzanite (Final Design) by LinaPrime
SU - Gemsona - Tanzanite (Final Design)
:bulletpurple: THIS IS AN UPDATED DEVIATION!!... If you like, check out the old design, featuring fellow Gemsona, Bismuth, and their fusion, Labradorite, here:…

I swear to God... This is the last time I redesign this gem.
Bullet; Purple Tanzanite:
Gender: None
Gender Pronoun: Female
Species: Gem
Occupation: Guardian
Weapons: Hookswords
Alias: 'Sandy'

Tanzanite was a corrupted gem. In her corrupted state, she took the form of a giant owl that put the inhabitants of Beach City into deep sleep, with a mysterious dust that covered the sky, making it a long night. When the gems tried to capture her, the owl recognized Steven's gem, and he was able to heal her, until Tanzanite became herself again.
Tanzanite is a mysterious and quiet Crystal Gem. She has great wisdom and ability for judgement. She's introverted, but in balance with herself and the others. She's more spiritual than the other Gems. She's patient, sincere and trustworthy. Tanzanite is always there to listen and to cure the ones that are hurt in body and heart. Tanzanite's gem is located in her forehead, which gives her the ability to have visions, to interpret dreams and to be very perceptive and empathetic. She's able to get into people's minds, allowing her to see their visions and dreams, she can also manipulate these thoughts and dreams, and she's very perceptive of what's going on around her, as she can sense her enemies' actions before they perform them. Because Steven can also get into gem's dreams and minds, that's how he was able to 'heal' Tanzanite.
She is also capable of calming people down, relieving them from stress and any other negative emotions.
She also casts a magic dust (therefore her nickname) that makes people, enemies and other gems, fall asleep... Useful when Steven gets very obnoxious!
Before becoming a loyal follower of Rose Quartz, she was part of Blue Diamond's court, and was close to Sapphire. She has now become one of Steven's best friends.
Her relationship with Steven is of a big sister. She may seem cold sometimes, but Tanzanite truly cares for her friends. It may seem she's more distant towards Steven than the other Gems, but he's actually very valuable for her, and they have great time together (especially at the arcade).
She also treats Peridot like her baboo... :P

Due to the popularity of the show, a lot fans have been drawing OCs of the Crystal Gems (called 'Gemsonas'), the warriors from the series. I chose the Tanzanite stone because it´s blue-violet, deep violet is my favorite color. I should´ve done Ruby because it´s the July birthstone (my birthday is in July), but when it comes to the color and the symbolism of the gem, I'm more of the Tanzanite type of person. Besides, Tanzanite is a very beautiful stone, and Ruby is already an awesome Crystal Gem featured in the show! I mean, have you seen those Rubies!! My God!! :XD:
Watch Steven Universe, people... It'll change your life.

Well...Hope you like it! ;)

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