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You're dessssspicable!
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Hey guys! How's it going?

So, I'm working on a bunch of fanarts of all the gems that have appeared in Steven Universe until now.
In total there are 7 drawings. I have only completed one!
But I'm posting them in my facebook page. Once they're all finish, I will update them into my DA account in one deviation, all together.

If you want to check them out as I complete them, and if you also want to see the sketches, check out my crappy FB page right here:

If you want to follow me there, that's cool, I usually post screenshots of works in progress there, too. But I don't upload more often than I do here, so... Sorry about that.
But you'll get to see the gems as I complete them!... One by one... Slowly...

Anyways, I'll see you around. Live long and prosper and may the force be with you. :iconrainbowcrashplz: Peace!
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Any donation, no matter how much, will be really appreciated!! From now, thank you for your collaboration! :tighthug:

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Tanks for the Memories by LinaPrime
Tanks for the Memories
So... I watched the fifth episode of the fifth season of MLP:FiM yesterday and, as soon as I finished watching it, I went and made a fast drawing about it.

You know... I don't cry quite often, but when I do, it is because of a cartoon/anime/animated-movie, and I only do it for twenty minutes!

A lot of the series I've been watching lately, have been giving me the feels... Now, I know that this particular episode of MLP wasn't one of the best, or neither was really emotional (comparing to other episodes), but it certainly hit me... And it hit me hard!

It made me remember of some precious and tender moments with my own pet tortoise, Tank, who passed away last year. I still miss her, as I do miss all my pets who passed away... And we haven't adopted any other animal companion since then. So I get really silly when I see animals, they're my weakness!

In the episode, Rainbow Dash gets very sad because she has great plans on how to spend her first winter with her pet tortoise Tank... But those plans are interrupted by Tank's need to hibernate.
For those who had one or more tortoises, seeing them waking up in spring after months of winter sleep, is both adorable and joyful. But we do miss them when they go get their sleep.
Along with the fact that Rainbow Dash is one of my favorite characters, and one of the ponies I most relate to, it got me some tears.

Aside from the 'Feel Zone', I must mention that I began watching Doctor Who because of all the "Dr. Whooves" refferences for this show... And now that Twilight said "Winter is coming!", I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to start watching Game of Thrones as well...

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SU - Gemsona - Tanzanite (Final Design) by LinaPrime
SU - Gemsona - Tanzanite (Final Design)
:bulletpurple: THIS IS AN UPDATED DEVIATION!!... If you like, check out the old design, featuring fellow Gemsona, Bismuth, and their fusion, Labradorite, here:…

Bullet; Purple Tanzanite:
Gender: None
Gender Pronoun: Female
Species: Gem
Occupation: Guardian
Weapons: Hookswords
Alias: 'Sandy'

Tanzanite was a corrupted gem. In her corrupted state, she took the form of a giant owl that put the inhabitants of Beach City into deep sleep, with a mysterious dust that covered the sky, making it a long night. When the gems tried to capture her, the owl recognized Steven's gem, and he was able to heal her, until Tanzanite became herself again.
Tanzanite is a mysterious and quiet Crystal Gem. She has great wisdom and ability for judgement. She´s introverted, but in balance with herself and the others. She´s more spiritual than the other Gems. She´s patient, sincere and trustworthy. Tanzanite is always there to listen and to cure the ones that are hurt in body and heart. Tanzanite´s gem is located in her forehead, which gives her the ability to have visions, to interpret dreams and to be very perceptive and empathetic. She's able to get into people's minds, allowing her to see their visions and dreams, she can also manipulate these thoughts and dreams, and she's very perceptive of what's going on around her, as she can sense her enemies' actions before they perform them.
She is also capable of calming people down, relieving them from stress and any other negative emotions.
She also casts a magic dust (therefore her nickname) that makes people, enemies and other gems, fall asleep... Useful when Steven gets very obnoxious!
She has been Garnet´s best friend for a long time (formerly, Sapphire's best friend), a loyal follower of Rose Quartz during her life and she´s now also one of Steven´s best friends.
Her relationship with Steven is of a big sister. She may seem cold sometimes, but Tanzanite truly cares for her friends. It may seem she´s more distant towards Steven than the other Gems, but he´s actually very valuable for her, and they have great time together (especially at the arcade).

I love Steven Universe! It´s a fantastic show. It was epic since the pilot episode! The animation, the music, the character design...Exquisite!
Check it out if you haven´t. It´s a must-watch!

Due to the popularity of the show, a lot fans have been drawing OCs of the Crystal Gems (called 'Gemsonas'), the warriors from the series. I chose the Tanzanite stone because it´s blue-violet, deep violet is my favorite color. I should´ve done Ruby because it´s the July birthstone (my birthday is in July), but when it comes to the color and the symbolism of the gem, I´m more of the Tanzanite type of person. Besides, Tanzanite is a very beautiful stone, and Ruby is already an awesome Crystal Gem featured in the show!
I also chose Garnet as Tanzanite´s BFF because Garnet is my favorite gem in the show... Also my favorite pairing... And I love Ruby... And Sapphire... And, I mean, my goodness, she´s so awesome and she´s voiced by Stelle!...STELLE!!

Well...Hope you like it! ;)

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StefanoLanza Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015
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Hey I haven't heard from you for a while. I know you've been quite busy (as have I) but still I just want to know if everything is ok? Are you doing well?
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Happy Valentine's Day Lina. =D
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Aca, tratando de hacer muchas cosas a la vez en lo que queda de las vacaciones... Hace mucho que no agarro la tableta, pero he estado dibujando y escribiendo, viendo algunas pelis, etc., etc. Vos?
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Yo estoy en la misma. Dibujando de vez en cuando, jugando jueguitos, escribiendo cartas y durmiendo mal por el calor.
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Por eso prefiero el invierno.
En casa compramos el UNO y debes en cuando se arma la guerra. Estoy tratando de malabarear con los trabajos y la Play 2, porque empece a jugar Metal Gear Solid por primera vez... Soy muy mala en ese juego, pero mierda que me encanta!

Todavia no logro resolver como les pudieron dedicar tantos pixeles a los traseros de Snake y Raiden...
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Feliz navidaaaaaaaaaaad! :D No puedo creer que ya nos conozcamos hace tanto tiempo. Un día nos tenemos que juntar.
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