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...Just begins, and I already want to cry!

So many things to do, so little time!

And all professors be like "Professionalization this! Professionalization that!"...And I be like "Da fuck are you talkin´ about?!"


I don´t even know if I have enough money to confront this year!...I´ll try my best, and in the most possible relaxed way or I´ll have a heart attack...

And I´ll be 20 this year, OH GAWD!!!

:iconrainbowcrashplz: Adulthood will kick my ass...*Sigh* Oh, well.
  • Mood: Hysterical


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LineHeartXX Mar 25, 2014  Student General Artist
Thx for the fave xx
cartoonistkev14 Mar 24, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hey check your email. =D
cartoonistkev14 Feb 24, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hey check your facebook inbox. =D
cartoonistkev14 Feb 18, 2014  Student Traditional Artist

Hey I've been thinking... do you wanna do a sci-fi collaboration instead of a paranormal collaboration? You seem to have picked up more of an interest in robots and I'm outta ideas for Drop Dead. =(

I have this one idea about cyborgs and robots in a dystopian setting I want to share with you, plus after seeing your recent artwork, it breathed new life in my own dying flame. Hey get with me when you can. I know you're very busy with college and all. XD Just don't go Twilight Crazy on me and you still owe me and Sterlyne a Skype call. XDXD Maybe over Spring Break?

LinaPrime Feb 18, 2014  Student General Artist
REALLY?! Why´s that? Yeah, I love Sci-Fi, but I thought you wanted to do this game!...I mean, yeah, it was going to be a slow process...I know how to draw, but to do a videogame will take me years of lessons in art, animation and technical design. And the graphic novels were also going to take me a big amount of time because of all my personal proyects...And college.

Good news is I haven´t started classes yet...I have like, a month more of summer vacations...I´m just busy with the comic and other illustrations.
If you want to share it with me, you know I´ll check it out.
I haven´t logged in to Skype very often...I have to do that!
cartoonistkev14 Feb 18, 2014  Student Traditional Artist

WHAT!? XD Wow isn't this a conundrum. XD To be honest... I uh... lost interest in the paranormal craze. =(

Maybe it's because I just wasn't feeling it. wasn't doing my best and I feel I was just letting you down. =( I was letting myself and procrastinating because of my own personal projects and constant revisions and... let's just say I went Twilight Crazy with this. XD

I didn't want to give up though but... seeing you progress so far in college and with your own works... I felt guilty I was barely making any progress. I told myself I wasn't going to let you down but I feel as though I really let you down since the first revision. I guess the paranoia just got to me and I just became disgusted with myself and the lack of progress I was making to the point I just wanted to forget about this whole thing. I'm very sorry. I hate when I overwhelm myself like this but I solely blame myself.

You moved on while I just lingered. =(

Carolina you are my valued friend and my valued partner. I don't ever want to let you down again and with this new idea I make it up to you. =D

So you love Sci-Fi? I want to do a collaboration that will excite you and make you thrilled to work with me. I have a thing for cyborgs and androids myself and in the past I was working on a story about a group of androids in a dystopian society looking for souls of their own. They resembled young adults and their names were Void, Jubilee, Vex, Fret, Amor, and Sorrow. (The basic human emotions but Void does.) There was a Cyborgs of robots known as Reapers that relentlessly hunted them through Vast (the Dystopian World) and Savage Robots known as The Feral)

There was a place in Vast known as The Eternal Garden where souls of the humans of yore rested and could possibly endow true life into the androids but the Reapers wanted the city as a source of infinite energy for their city Soulless.

So that's the story oh and it was called EMO (short for Emotions and the name of the group of six androids).

I was thinking we can do comic page based webcomic. The comic series will be released in issues and the 10 issues will make up a graphic novel. This time I want to take baby steps so I won't overwhelm us like last time and also... I found two artists who will probably join the project and Stella will help with the story. :iconsteveinsane: and :iconpurpleflrs: are fellow deviants I've known for some time. Steve definitely but I have to ask Stephanie, (purpleflrs) to see if she isn't too busy.

Hey so that's my plan and I've already started the process of developing the story. As far as the game. I'll discuss that with you during our Skype sessuion. So you have a month left of summer vacation? Sweet. So do you think you will be available for a Skype session sometime this week? Oh and Mom and I have always kept you in our minds. We've been praying for you amiga and God bless mi Hermana! I want nothing but the best for you chica and Stella is still waiting and I still want to watch some ponies with you! =D BTW I added you on Facebook in case you haven't noticed. I didn't know if you were going to keep that account when you made your new one but either way I always want a line of communication with you. I really value out friendship and you are sincerely a true friend. =D Te amo iguales una Hermana Lina and... with my sister the way she is (God pray for her soul) I always wanted someone like you for a sister. =D

LinaPrime Feb 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Dude, I thought I was letting you down because of my lack of time and technical knowledge, while you were doing all the writing.
I mean, yeah, maybe the story changed from the original idea, but I don´t think it´s a good idea to do the original idea now.
Never mind, man, let´s get over it and see through the future!

Is EMO the permanent title or just the temporary name?

Seems cool. But we´ll have to organize really well! I see a lot of chances for this one. We can do it!

I already did a Facebook page for my proyects:
We can talk through there too. I´ll log in to Skype during nights more, during this week posibly, because I´ll spend some hours working on some digital drawings.
We´ll be in touch then, give me some hints for the Androids designs!
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cartoonistkev14 Feb 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hey do you want to Skype this weekend?

Titan Chavo is El Chapulín Colorado.

Headcanon Accepted
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